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Link: The Metro Bowler
July 5, 2006 Ranking: 6.38

Buzz Melvin Chip
The layout of the text is just annoying, nothing flows in cleanly from one paragraph to another, and there are no links directly from the text to the pages they talk about. With the prices of links rising faster than the price of gas I can see why he wouldn't want to waste them though.
Users of alternate browsers may want to start up a copy of IE when they view this site. So they can see how bad it is even without the text blocks running together. It's also nice to see a site that's totally useless without JavaScript turned on. When did using plain old links go out of style?
I'm glad that they are upfront about their paper version being more up to date than their web site. I know as fast as the bowling scene changes it can be hard to keep a web site up to date.

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