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In the beginning, the Internet was made up of only a handful of web sites and homepages. It wasn't long before someone decided to bestow honors on the best of these creations. Before you knew it, Glenn Davis had started up Cool Site of the Day. Suddenly, everyone who could afford proper webhosting with half a knowledge of HTML and the ability to draw straight lines began to think they could make a decent (and cool) homepage. Nuh-uh. The infamous Mirsky rose to the occasion and Mirsky's Worst of the Web was born. Tired of the whole process, Mirsky hung up his hat and the awful side of the web is left unchecked... until now. This is the Worst of the Web™.

How Does It Work?
Every Weekday, we (Buzz, Melvin, and Chip) will showcase new sites peppered with our own ripping comments served up in two different ways. For those of you who grew to love the ease and simple style of Mirsky's original work, we've created the classic style. However, for those of you who want to play with a horde of Netscape 4+ enhanced features, we've created the new style for Worst of the Web™. Be sure to vote on how bad the new featured site stinks every day!

The classic style is fairly straight-forward. You'll be presented with the sites for each day along with our comments on one page.

The new style is divided into borderless frames allowing you to determine which comments you wish to see while viewing the Worst of the Web™ chosen site. Each critic's comment will appear inside a speech balloon after you've clicked on his face. The site we are reviewing will also be on the page for you to peruse.

That's basically it. Either style you choose will get you to your dose of the worst.

We're always on the lookout for sites that are Worst of the Web material. If you have one that you feel should be reviewed here -- by all means, send it in!

We'd also like to send out a special thanks to -RoG- for some especially poignant commentary that we have used in our own comments.

For Those Of You Who Are Reviewed
And The Winners Are... For those of you who have been reviewed on our site, congratulations! Tons of people now know that you're off your rocker. We invite those of our winners with enough guts to download our coveted "Worst of the Web™ Busted Trophy" icon and slap it on their homepage or web site. Then, sit back, look around at what you've created and hire a professional web team to remedy your site! It's awful!

Buzz Melvin Chip

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