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Who is Buzz?
"Hi I'm Buzz! A 24 year-old professional graphic designer. I have more creativity and skill in my left pinky than the entire group at Disney Studios! I also have no morals and will throw down at the drop of a hat,(I Kill You!) which makes me a great critic! I've been on the net since about '93, about the time the web started attracting everyone so I've seen many first attempts at web aurthoring and it hasn't been fun! Now these losers will get whats been coming to them!"

What kind of things makes Buzz cringe?
"Non anti-aliased graphics, mostly anything created using Corel Draw or on a PC, background textures scanned from grandma's table cloth, anything over 72 DPI (just how far did you get in grade school?!?) and the king of them all... maximized pages! Ahhhhh!!!! Melvin! Get me the super-soaker off the gun-rack in the back of your Saturn!"
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