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September 27th, 1999Heffer House
September 26th, 1999HyperGlobalCompuMegaNet
September 25th, 1999the World of Cress
September 24th, 1999Be Proactive
September 23rd, 1999Wheel Of Fortune Webpage
September 22nd, 1999Aliens made Crop Circles in my Chia Pet
September 18th, 1999Kiss' Bedroom
September 16th, 1999Welkom Bij De VageGast Fanclub
September 15th, 1999Midwest Telecom
September 13th, 1999ASDF
September 12th, 1999Bunch O' Dancing Pokemon Crap
September 11th, 1999The Dragon Cave
September 10th, 1999V�lkommen till Kjell G. �bergs "verktygsl�da"!
September 9th, 1999Mullets Galore
September 8th, 1999Homage to a Forgotten Fart Artist
September 7th, 1999Doodie!
September 6th, 1999Columbo's Gaming Gallery
September 3rd, 1999Campzine
September 2nd, 1999MWI
September 1st, 1999Nothing Limited
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