worst websites
worst of the websites  
JUNE 1997
June 30, 1997Bitch.com
June 27, 1997Lil J's Homepage
June 24, 1997Nothing Limited
June 23, 1997Sorhai On The Web
June 20, 1997The Baye Clan
June 17, 1997Jay's Homepage
June 16, 1997Collins Crapo
June 12, 1997The Spam Haiku Archive
June 9, 1997The Dancing Shatners
June 6, 1997Global Awareness Ad
June 5, 1997The Homepage of God
June 4, 1997Zigy's Martini Lounge
June 3, 1997Fag.com
June 2, 1997The "How Bored Are You?" Game
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