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August 30th, 1999Winbloze
August 27th, 1999Time Icon
August 26th, 1999Let's Bogart That Monkey
August 25th, 1999Bastard.com
August 24th, 1999WWW.iNsANe.com
August 23rd, 1999The Stupidest Web Page
August 19th 1999Web Pages That Suck
August 17th 1999The Nose Pages
August 16th 1999Psychopaths Student Union
August 14th 1999Top Ten Things that Suck
August 13th 1999Alien medical team collaborates with humans
August 12th, 1999Galactic Messenger
August 11th, 1999Bomarc Services
August 10, 1999Voyageur Canoe Outfitters
August 6, 1999Terje Granli's Page
August 5, 1999.Demonizer.
August 4, 1999Kay's Toys and Other Stuff
August 2, 1999Geopride
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