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APRIL 1997
April 30, 1997The WWW Burp-a-thon
April 29, 1997Why America Online Sucks
April 28, 1997Cocky And Spunky Funnies
April 25, 1997Sell Your Soul To Satan Online
April 24, 1997North Vidor Trash
April 16, 1997Sheep Brain Dissection Guide
April 15, 1997Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
April 14, 1997Eric And Turd-Man-Dan's Bread Page
April 11, 1997Exploding Heads
April 10, 1997Idiot Page
April 9, 1997Nunbun
April 8, 1997Hell: The Alternative Afterlife
April 7, 1997Spooky Pez
April 2, 1997The Cheesecake Page
April 1, 1997Bite-Me
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